If you enjoyed Leader Check-In, you can watch much of the content again on YouTube!

Schedule + Questions

If you enjoyed Leader Check-In, you can watch much of the content again!

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Kathy Branzell
President, National Day of Prayer Task Force
8:05 AM
Michael W. Smith
Grammy Award-Winning Recording Artist
8:15 AM
Francis Chan
Pastor, Author, & Missionary
8:30 AM
Bishop Vincent Matthews
President, COGIC World Missions
8:50 AM
Matt Chandler
Lead Pastor, The Village Church; President, Acts 29 Network
9:00 AM
Tara-Leigh Cobble
Founder, The Bible Recap & D-Group
9:25 AM
Fern Nichols
Founder, Moms in Prayer International
9:35 AM
Sally Burke
President, Moms in Prayer International
9:35 AM
Nick Brandt
Panel: Next Gen Bible
Senior Director of Events, Pulse; Director, The Gathering ATX
9:50 AM
Gabrielle Odom
Panel: Next Gen Bible
Next Gen Leader, Speaker
9:50 AM
Caziah Franklin
Panel: Next Gen Bible
Musician, Writer
9:50 AM
Kolby Koloff
Panel: Next Gen Bible
Music Artist, Speaker
9:50 AM
Esteban Shedd
Executive & Creative Director, Streetlights
10:05 AM
Justin Tennison
President, Pulse
10:15 AM
Dr. Henry Cloud
Leadership Expert, Psychologist + Best-Selling Author
10:30 AM
York Moore
Executive Director-Catalytic Partnerships, InterVarsity
10:50 AM
Steve Green
President, Hobby Lobby; Chairman, Museum of the Bible
11:00 AM
Nick Hall
Panel: Next Gen Bible 2
Founder & Chief Communicator, Pulse
11:15 AM
Jeanine Amapola
Panel: Next Gen Bible 2
YouTuber & Social Media Influencer
11:15 AM
Chaz Smith
Panel: Next Gen Bible 2
Content Creator, YouTuber
11:15 AM
Rev. Samuel Rodriguez
President, National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference
11:30 AM
Justin Giboney
Founder and President, (&) Campaign
11:45 AM
Walter Kim
President, National Association of Evangelicals
11:55 AM
Bob Goff
NY Times Best-Selling Author
12:10 PM
VADM Jerome M. Adams, M.D., M.P.H.
U.S. Surgeon General
12:30 PM
Kari Jobe and Cody Carnes
Award-Winning Recording Artists
12:45 PM
Priscilla Shirer
Evangelist, Author, & Actress
1:00 PM
Ed Stetzer
Executive Director, Billy Graham Center at Wheaton College
1:15 PM
John Gray
Speaker and Teaching Pastor, Relentless Church
1:30 PM
Senator Tim Scott
U.S. Senator, South Carolina
1:40 PM
Senator James Lankford
U.S. Senator, Oklahoma
1:40 PM
Grammy Award-Winning Hip Hop Artist
2:00 PM
Nick Hall
Founder & Chief Communicator, Pulse
2:15 PM
Ebony Small
Vice President of Multiplication, Pulse
2:30 PM
Tony Dungy
Author, NFL Super Bowl Champion, & Hall of Fame Coach
2:40 PM
Edgar Sandoval Sr.
President, World Vision U.S.
2:50 PM
Travis Greene
Award-Winning Gospel Recording Artist
3:20 PM
David Bowden
Founder, Spoken Gospel
3:30 PM
Mike Lindell
CEO, MyPillow
3:40 PM
Nick Hall
Panel: Year of the Bible
Founder & Chief Communicator, Pulse
3:45 PM
Brian Chung
Panel: Year of the Bible
Co-Founder, Alabaster Co.
3:45 PM
Mike McDonald
Panel: Year of the Bible
Director of Strategic Relationships, BibleProject
3:45 PM
Samuel Tran
Panel: Year of the Bible
Director, Public Reading of Scripture
3:45 PM
Beth Moore
Evangelist, Author, & Bible Teacher
4:00 PM
Dr. John Townsend
Best-Selling Author, Business Consultant, & Psychologist
4:20 PM
David Platt
Pastor, McLean Bible Church; Founder & President, Radical
4:45 PM
Ann Voskamp
NY Times Best-Selling Author, Speaker, & Blogger
5:00 PM
Cash Luna
Lead Pastor, Casa de Dios
5:20 PM
Matt Maher
Award-Winning Recording Artist
5:30 PM
Sadie Robertson
Speaker, Actress & Founder of Live Original
5:40 PM
Jon Foreman
Grammy Award-Winning Recording Artist
6:00 PM